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Active, curious and children are always in the process of discovering, exploring the world in which they live. At this stage, encouraging and instigating logical reasoning and learning in a dynamic and creative way, through the maker culture, is essential for cognitive development.

With play-based, real-world activities, we encourage the development of various skills and competences such as team work, communication, cognition, creativity and computational thinking.

Educators are continuously trained and advised by qualified, specialized professionals from VIAMAKER® Education, ensuring efficiency in the application of our educational programs.

In addition to constant advisory, teachers are also provided with all the necessary resources for the planning, preparation and application of classes, taking in consideration all needs and characteristics of each stage of basic education.

Understanding the world in which we live is magical and challenging. Suggesting, modifying, exchanging ideas unique and engaging experiences. Together, we will participate in an amazing and playful adventure full of meaningful learning!

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